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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

da creativity to pose and to snap

ow!! hye!! hehe..kat bwh nie ader gamba yang agak creative dari kami..hehe..without any special effects from photoshop or any photo editor..we snap these straight from our camera and upload it to our laptop..dengan hanyer menggunakan kreativiti sendiwi maka terjadilah gambar2 seperti di bawah..hahaha!! enjoy ur self..

oopss..luper lak nak btau gamba ni maser ktorang gi miri.. we went there cz eeedan's papa was there for his job so dea ader bawak some of wedding gift ktorang yang ktorang dapat time wedding hari tuh..so dea bwk la sikit2 since dea slalu gak datang miri.. btw..miri tu mcm sebelah jer ngn bintulu about 2 hours trip :)

breakfast time @ marriott ,miri

da power of spinning ..:)


toing !! toing!!! its springy jumpo!!


yeahhh!!! da power is from below to top!!

finalllyyy...peace ya'll :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Give Thanks To Allah..MJ

Alops!! yea..hari ni mcm na nak share ngn korang sumer pasal satu emel ni..its about MJ..so bace la key..anotha thing is dun fuget to download lagu Give Thanks To Allah by MJ.. link dea ader kat article nih..
It was a beautiful song..makes me think of our Creator..and how small we were..lets start reading it..


Michael Jackson (MJ) was known as the most loving person in the world. He gave up most of his assets for charity and all his life, he fought for equality of the African Americans, AIDS victims, Against Drug Abuse, Against Abortion, Against Child Labor and secretly channelled his properties for the hungry children of the world. However, he wasn't peace at heart. He always think of himself as a child trapped inside a man's body. Being Peter Pan is all his dream, never to grow up, forever a child. That inspires him to build Neverland - a heaven for children. Children of all ages and races are welcomed to Neverland. MJ had so much love to give.

However, he made a mistake which he didn't know of the consequences. He saw the peaceful life his brother, Jermaine (Muhammad Abdul Aziz) had as a Muslim - true, Jermaine faced so much pressure that he moved to Bahrain.

In 1989, MJ made a press conference which shocked the world, "I have seen the Islam in the life of my brother, I have read the books about Islam. And I'd love to someday feel the calmness and peace of Islam...."

Since that, MJ's life was never the same again.
He was accused of so many accusations against child molestation. MJ was not someone who can deal with much pressure as he is a 'delicate child'. All the extortion and black mail followed after that. Everything he did was being seen as wrong in the eyes of the Media. All these are to influence his fans to hate MJ. If he is hated, then he would not be influencial anymore.

For several years, he stayed in England. Getting motivation from a long time friend, Cat Stevens, who had converted into Islam - named Yusuf Islam. From him, MJ learnt how Yusuf had survived being Muslim. He made friends with a song writer, Zain Bhikha too, who wrote a song titled, "GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH", which he wanted MJ to sing whenever he is ready.

Following his trial, MJ withdrew to Bahrain, where he was the special guest of sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the son of Bahrain’s king. It was then that Michael began to give conversion more “serious thought.”
MJ stayed in Bahrain for approximately 3 years. He studied Islam, the prayers and learn to read the Koran (al-Quran).

Finally, he came back to Los Angeles and in November 2008 MJ had formally converted to Islam in a ceremony at a close friend’s house in Los Angeles.
He perform Haj with the King of Bahrain and son on December 2008.

He had a hidden agenda when he wanted to make a final comeback. He annouced in a press conference on March 2009, "This will be my final concert. I'll see you all in July...."

He planned that during his concert, he would announce that this is the FINAL concert as he wouldn't be performing anymore. He will declare that he is a Muslim and will only sing with Yusuf Islam and Friends.
At the end of the concert, he will be singing the song, "GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH" with Yusuf Islam. That is the reason why he chose London as his final concert venue instead of the USA. It was because he thought he could escape the USA's extortion, and that he could perform with yusuf Islam who is in England.

At 12.30am, 25th June 2009, he hugged his production manager and said, "After reherasing for 2 months, I am finally ready for the concert..."
Before leaving to sleep, he waved his dancers, "It was a good night everyone. I'll see you all tomorrow..."
The next thing... He was pronouced dead at 2.26am....

When 911 was called, there are so much questions asked. It is as if they didn't know who MJ is and where he lived. The questions asked are more towards to delay time.
The hospital said the autopsy result can only be obtained after 2 months - very illogical as even the worst African technology could obtain the result in less than 2 weeks.

MJ's family members opt for second private autopsy as they started to feel something fishy is going on. The result came out in about 4 days - MJ was drugged with high dosage of anaesthetic - drug that brings about a reversible loss of consciousness, if used to much could stop the heart from beating.

Another result which was not aired in the media was, MJ's stomach is empty of this drug, but his blood were filled with it - same case as the death of Marilyn Monroe.
The private doctors also found many needle marks, afraid to be forced injections given to MJ on his bed.

In CNN Live after a week, Barack Obama was interviewed. And he said, "I love MJ, I grew up listening to his songs. It is a great loss, but rest assured that there is no conspiracy in his death..."
Now, why must a President made such statement before the official autopsy result came out? How would he know that there is no conspiracy without the post-mortem result? Seems like someone is afraid of his shadows.

MJ was known to the world as a person who is against drug abuse. Why must he be addicted to drug, then? If he wanted to commit suicide, why rehearse for his concert? And why will he want to see his dancers the next day?

Enough about his death. I am sure people around the world is not stupid anymore. These supreme power can fool us during the Marilyn Monroe conspiracy, Martin Luther King and Princess Diana. But in this MJ's case, they left too many loopholes for those who think...!!

MJ left us with this unfinished studio-recorded song, GIVE THANKS TO ALLAH. You can download this song here:


MJ's family was about to give him a Muslim burial with the help of The Brotherhood of Islam. But, the CIA showed up at Neverland's door - blackmailed them that if they do so publicly, Katherine (MJ's mother) would be pull off from MJ's 3 children's custody as well as MJ's estates. Instead, they'll hire Debbie Rowe for the purpose, and the court will be in their favour. So much for democracy and fairness...

Finally, they agreed to let MJ have a Muslim Burial in Neverland. But in condition, must show to the public a Christian Memorial Service, as to prove to the world that MJ was never a Muslim.

So, Staples Centre was just a normal show. That's why the coffin was closed and sealed.

MJ was buried days earlier. The Gold Coffin was empty. They were about to bury the Coffin according to Christianity ways in Hollywood - as in their deal with the USA Government.

These happened, because the USA is afraid of the rising numbers of Muslims in the world.

(Sheikh Ha**d)
The Brotherhood of Islam

Buletin of Bahrain

Thursday, July 23, 2009

its just an emptiness


my mood: SAAAAAAD!!!! :(
y? : dunno..sumthing is just wrong sumwhere..kinna miss everybody ..
b (eeedan)..bz wif his work
moi family in kl..
moi besties in kl..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wedding cakey!!!!!

yeay2..nak makan cup cake dah.. :)

yeay..ini lah cake yang telah disediakan tyme wedding ku..ader 2..satu kak long sponsor dia yang buat..hee,,lagi satu beli kat gg..

yang besar yang kaler yellow tuh from kak long..

n yang cuppies tuh obviously from gg :)

menyesal tak makan banyak2 cup cake nih..sempat makan satu jer..yang edan suap..ingat lepas amik gamba nak mkan..skali biler pegi kat tmpt cake jer tgk dah hbs dah cupcake nih..huh..sedih yang amat.. :(

tersangat sweet n chumel kan? kat maner la nak cari cupcakes yang best kat bintulu ni ek?huhu,,hopefully gg can send it over..waaaa!!!!! nak cup cake!!!!!! :'(

okey..nii plak cake yang edan bg kat na..for d hantaran :)

and yang rosy2 nih..mestila yang na bg kat edan..yang ni order kat choffels cake..klu korang tgk magazine pengantin ker ader la iklan choffles nih..:)

mmm..dah la puaser nih..terliur giler tgk cake2 nih :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tag from maziah

Rule : ~
1. Upload 3 keping pic "candid yang wow~!!" anda.
2. Describe it.

memandangkan maseh di dalam mood "wedding" hee..so i'll choose photos from wedding album la keh..sbb confirm la byk yang candid..tak ker?

pic #1:
kenaper sayer pilih ini gamba?

ini adalah kerane gamba ini telah dishoot maser sayer duk siap2 b4 ijab&qabul..yang duk menyiapkan veil saye itu adalah kazen sayer.. lepas itu..saya tertarik dengan ini gamber juger kerana..ader 4 orang yang sedang memandang sayer dan 2 org sedang meng"snap" gambar saye didalam gambar ini yang telah membuatkan sayer raser wow!! mcm artis kah?? hahahahah!!

tips untuk bakal pengantin: time kawen je la korang boleh raser jadi macam artis sbb sumer org akan nak amik gamba korang n akan diperhatikan kan?..so perlulah sentiaser senyum supaya setiap gambar yang diambil oleh pelbagai jenis camera itu akan jadi santek ya!! hee :) tips inni sangat berguner..sbb biler na tgk blk gambar wedding cam menyesalnyer tak senyum..sbb buruk giler yang amat..huhu..teraser spt nak buat wedding lagi sekali..hahaha!!
okey next...

kenaper sayer memilih ini gambar?

saya memilih gambar di bawah ini keraner gambar ini telah menunjukkan ke"pelahapan" sayer sewaktu makan!! hahaha!!sungguh tak ayu yer? dan juger gambar ini menunjukkan sumer org tgh asyik makan tanper menghiraukan camera yang sedang memerhati..hahahaha!! makan saja!! janji konyang!!! sedap kut..

tips untuk bakal pengantin: kalu time makan beradab makan lah sepuas2nyer..sbb time tu je la buleh makan..nnt dah sebok nak layan tetamu memang la tak dan nak makan dah..tau2 jer lauk sumerr dah hbs..huhu..

kenaper sayer memileh ini gambar?

ini adalah kerana gambar ini dapat menunjukkan betapa serabutnyer selendang sayer yang tidak dipin dgn kemas..tetapi mujurlah dapat dicover dengan senyuman dibibir sayer itu sambil berjalan memasukkan diri ke dalam dewan..sbenarnyer tak tau pun naper pilih gambar nih..hahahah!! but i just lyke it :) huweng huweng huweng !! ;p

tips untuk bakal pengantin: sila make sure diri anda sentiaser kemas dan chantek yer..klu ader mak andam tak de hal..sbb ada org yang akan uruskan..untuk yang siap sendiri tuh..make sure lah pin byk2 kat maner2 patut..supaya tidak lah berlaku keselekehan pada diri anda yer..heee :)

Tag jer saper2 yang korang nak..oleh itu saya meng" tag" :

1.rina salleh
2.nadia byu
3.sis atiqah
4.sis pu3

Friday, July 10, 2009


howdy!!! fer dis entry i'd like 2 share wit all of u about d doorgift yang ktorang bg kat guest yang datang tyme wedding reception.. we gave a paper bag dalam tu ade buku doa then ader almond flakes n muffin..

muffin n almond flakes tu korang boleh tgk kat http://rusyainifrozenfood.blogspot.com/..
she's my cousin :) nak order tier cake pun boleh jugak :)

for d paper bag and buku doa my aunt yang print it..sbb deorang ader printing company sendiri :)

ktorang design wedding invitation card,paper bag ngn buku doa wit d same design jer :)

dis is d buku du'a..

and dis is d paper bag.. :) (front)

at the back..
if any of u nak kawen ker tunang ker..yang interested to have korang nyer paper bag @ invitation card @ aper2 sajer yang nak design sendiri n yg boleh diprint..just call any of this number..

al-hikmah @ camar samudra..

both r my aunties :)
here's their email if u need :)



p/s:sempat buat promo..cek ni , suta ngn kak long kene bg comission kat na nih :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

TTDI community hall..menyambut menantu

assalamualaikum..okey..ini lah majlis yang last..wic is menyambut menantu.. dis one kat dewan pulak..on 20 june 2009 a week afta me reception.. kalau dah buat kat hall malam la best kan..hehe.. so enjoy d photo..

btw..gamba from deorang nyer photographer dah siap..tapi deanyer soft copy n hardcopy sumer ader kat rumah edan kat subang..so ktorang tak sempat nak tgk lagi..yang gamba2 nih sumer from aizu's collection .. enjoy d show!! ;p

zufa..awak sgt chumel tyme nih..haha!! id..control2..hahah!!

kat depan tu la ktorang nyer pelamin..

kamee..bersama dulang boys..yang smart2 sumer :)

dis is sara n haz...habes muker sumer kene penyek..hahah!!
dis is alllll my gf.. :) sayang korang!!

ber"honeymroon" ..

helu again!!! :)

hr ni nak citer pasal honeymoong pulok..

kitorang mmg tak der plan aper2 pun pasal honeymoon..sbb nggak ada cost $$..hee ;p so mcm tak der la pk nak g maner2 pun..mcm pk nak smp bintulu nnt boleh jer honeymoon kat cni jah..hehe..

maser on 13 june..time reception tu kan..tyme dok makan kat meja pengantin i sat besides edan's papa..papa gue jugak la tu kan? ;p so mase dok makan..then he gave me an envelope..dea kate bukak envelope nih mlm ni jugak..so i was lyke ok..

so biler mlm kitorang pun bukak la envelope tuh..dalam tuh ader a letter..it was from papa n mama (in laws ku) dea cam tulis la aper2 yang patut pastu dea kate nih gift drpd deorang..d gift is ....drumrolllll please............................ ;p


bukan tu jer keh..

siap bagi duit belanjer utk ktorang jalan2 kat saner keh...huaahh..best giler!!!

know wut yg paling best...

flight ke langkawi is esoknyer(14 june,sunday) ..pagi2 esok lak tuh..kul 9 kut flight..cam tak ker giler..??kalau ktorang tak bukak envelope tuh malam tuh jugak la kan..confirm la terlepas flight..hahaha!!macam muh parents pun cam terkejut ..lyke..huh esok nak g dah?

mcm sgt express nyer vacation kan?.. ishk ishk ishk..

so itulah kisah nyer mcm maner ktorang boleh ter ader honeymoon kat langkawi...

so below ere r sum pitcha maser kat langkawi..tak snap byk pun..sibuk sgt berjalan..hee ;p

kat pantai ape ntah..haha!! tak ingat la sayer..
nih kat area yacht..sum wer dekat ngn ktorang nye resort..
u really did dis huh?? ;p
dis is wer we stayed..kewl kan?maybe bg korang biaser kut..but for me best..sbb tak penah gi..hahah!!

time naik cable car..tgk aper ntah pun tak tau..yo yo 'o jah tuh ;p
chumel.... :) tyme ni last snap tak sempat nak amik gambar 2 orang..battery dah flat.. huhu..

maser breakfast nih :)
goodbye langkawi..nak balik dah !!! bu bye!!!

p/s: i lorve my b vewy2 muahcx!! ;p