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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

let's get dat fresh look baby!!


owh..hari ni sangat dan amat HOT..ditambah pulak dgn HAZE yang agak tebal..not as bad as yesterday.. sangat SWEATY maser IRON edan nyer COVERALL..fuuh..very da..

so whut shud i do now? yeah!!RELAXING is da best wordS..duduk diam2.. dan kewlkan diri..

mm..okeh..just wanna share a lil tips wiccu guys on how 2 lewk fresh all day long..

1st: open up ur mouth and say "A" (aaaaaaaaaa) for 5 seconds.. follow with "E"(airrrrrrrrrr) ..."I" (eeeeeeeeeee) ....."O" (ooooooooooooooow) ...."U"(uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)..okeh?

2nd: smile and pinch ur apple cheeks for 5 seconds and repeat it for 3-5 times..

da result..u'll get a natural blush on ur apple cheeks!! try it!! and u'll look super freshy everyday..make dis as ur habit..its an awesome exercise for ur face too!! wink ;p

ow!! if time keje ker dalam class ker u feel a bit sleepy or tiring u cud try this too..heee :)

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