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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

nade nook buat flying clearance!!

salam sisters!!

yup!! as u can see in our banner above..we are doing some flying clearance!!
flying clearance? what is that?

ok..basically all of our stocks r in kl rite now..so we need to move all of d stocks from kl to bintulu,sarawak probably on January.. so...we are flying sisters!! :D

so we need to clear some to lessen the weight for baggage..as we dont want to bare more cost on transferring it from kl to bintulu..got what i mean rite?

owh! btw,it is only for hijab(scarf.shawl.shayla) ya!! not for apparel :)

prices stated in this blog are alllll b4 discount k :)

30% off for all hijab
40% off if you are able to settle your payment within 24 hours after hour reply..

to order:
fill in the form ya :)
ouh!!please please please check your junk mail/spam if you did not receive your email in your inbox ya!or.. if within 24 hours there is no reply from us do email us (nadenook@hotmail.com)

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