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Friday, April 22, 2011

free postage for my blog reader :)

owh my...my.. :) yeah!!! free postage for my blog reader!!..yer..tak tipu punyer..klu saper nak beli plain viscose ni..pastu nak dapat free postage..sila lah tinggalkan komen anda kat entry ni yeh..ckp jer "nama saya...... (tulis nama korang full name eh) saya NAK BELIII plain viscose ni!!!!" hehe..pastu nnt gi kat business blog na.. http://nadenook.blogspot.com pastu isi form k :) pastu masa isi form time nak tulis nama buat dalam bracket ( blog reader na) okeh ?

sikit info pasal plain viscose ni..harga rm28.. mungkin mahal sikit sbb ni custom made..na design ni sendiri..buat kat oversea okeh..kain dea sangat best ..jenis pashmina lembut..

klu korang minat nak beli borong lebih 12pcs untuk plain viscose ni..na kasi super special price..

so..ape lagi..meh menyoppingkan diri.. :)

for this pv dark mustard d color in this pic is a bit bright due to the lighting on d right side..so please take a look at the left side in dis pic

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warkah buat Wazeef #8

Assalamualaykum to my dearest cutest handsome little boy Muhammad Wazeef Feeras..

Ehem..ehem..yeah!! alhamdulillah here come again another "warkah" for you :) phewiit! owh..and today you are 10 months 1 week and 1 day old :) syukr!! :D

ocay..basically you are a little bigger now..and i love to see your growing stage..masyaAllah..SANGAT MENAKJUBKAN :) from a super little small baby..to..a SUPER little boy :)

And of course from a colostrum..to..watery milk (breast milk)..then solid foods..again.. it is another progress of yours :D Dah besar dah you..you can eat all sorts of vege..good boy lah! And..you eat a lot and much more now!!..bigger stomach kut :D Alhamdulillah..till now I am still breastfeeding you..hopefully it will be sufficient for you as people said that the milk supply will drops too low when I'm pregnant..huhu :( So, That's why I have to make sure you had enough solid foods now and drink more water..

every morning you will have your oats with raisins..sometimes with fruits..it depends...just to make sure you can taste different-different flavor..baru la tak BORRIiiNG kan? :D For lunch and dinner sometimes I will give you rice with vege ,chicken/meat..fish? not yet la..may be later when we are in kl..because we seldom go to the market over here in bintulu..to get the fresh one..huhu.. owh..another favorite food of yours cheddar cheeeessssee..nyum!! nyum!!

nowadays people are more aware about going green..being eco-friendly..so what does it mean? it means we need to save our earth now due to global warming..so i decided to put you on a cloth diapers(CD) instead of disposable diapers..but it is quite expensive for a start.. we need more $$..one would cost about rm30-70.. takkan nak beli satu je? haruslah perlu beli banyak kan?mm..so we decided to buy it slowly..as for now you'll be wearing your CD about 2 times a week.. inshaAllah one day we will put you on your CD everyday :) actuAlly it will save our $$ for a long-term.. plus it will expel all the smelly-stinky from your poos in the bin ;p ngeh ngeh..

owh another good news!!.. we will be joining this one cool activity on 23 april 2011..Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 (GCDC)-for guiness world of records!! wee! interesting kan? siap ada theme lagi..its a pajama/slumber party baybeh!! will surely update the story soon after the event.. :)

mm oklah..it is 3.35 am now..better get sleep..need to wakeup early tomorrow to welcome your ayahande..he is on his night shift now.. so will be at home tomorrow morning..not really tomorrow just a few more hours :)

owh just before we end this warkah, here are some photos on your 10 months..