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Friday, March 30, 2012

Me and premium beautiful : results

Some might remember my old entry regarding why i choose to wear pb..right? Right? Ingat tak??hehe..so today would like to share with you the results...jeng jeng.. Ok..gambar ni..a week after deliver xyra..time raya..mmg agak berisi..time ni berat dalam 50 or 51kg..

This is me after confinement period..time ni baru start pakai pb x sampai sebulan..

*picture credit to kak shima :-) she is the one on your right..hehe*

Anddd....this is me now!! :-) alhamdulillah..with the help of pb..now im back to 40kg..

If i'm not mistaken lepas 4 bulan kut..berat jadi 40kg..and now maintain jaa...perut juga tidakk lagi menggelebeh..wee..

So..siapa nak cuba rasa pb ni sedap ke tak..email me at nadenook@hotmail.com..and i will respond to you as fast as i can..hehe..

Now you can purchase it by installment..for as low as rm100 monthly...cepat2 selagi stok masih ada!!


  1. waa..dah biznesss pb dah sekarang yer?......chaiyok!!

  2. Hee..aah..sbb dapat gud results kan..so alang2 join la..hehe

  3. tak sabar nak pakai PB masa berpantang :D :D :D