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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everlynn..Its HOT in the market now bebeh!!

Assalamualaikum dear darlinkss allss..hihi..before this na ada cerita pasal skincare everlynn kan?tapi tak sempat pun lagi nak update gambar produk ni..jadi hari ini ..akan ku gigihkan diri untuk update ok? Mula-mula mari kita mengenali tentang brand Everlynn..

The EVERLYNN philosophy focuses on natural beauty from

the Inside/Out.

EVERLYNN is formulated from a French formula using
nature’s ingredients of plants, fruits and natural ocean resources. 

The combination of the active extract from the Aloe Vera, and Bearberry,Leaf Extract & Marine Extract, Vitamin A,E,B2 as the main composition of EVERLYNN products . 

These formulas have been tested for its effectiveness in protecting and preserving your skin to make you look younger, beautiful and glowing. 

It provides moisture and protection against skin dryness and initiates the skin to become more healthy, supple, alive and firm. Other skin problem such as blemishes, pigmentation and tired skin can be solve easily. 

The product are manufactured in licensed laboratory with 
GMP certified by MOH since the year 2000 and is the only 
manufacturer of skin care products conducted by experienced 
dermatologist and medical cosmetologist. 

It is safe and halal to be used as it has been approved by KKM.

Skin care means taking care of your skin, not covering up blemishes and wrinkles. 

Almost all EVERLYNN products can be used on every type and age of skin... 

We are confident that our products will help you achieve the healthy & glowing skin, looks youthful and feel younger in 30 days. Try it 100% completely for 30 days 

If you are looking to avoid surgery or injections with toxins like Botox, select your skin care program from EVERLYNN. 

Almost all EVERLYNN products can be used on every type and age of skin... We are so sure our products will help you achieve the healthy & glowing skin.

So, basically everlynn skincare set ni ada 2 saiz..satu adalah trial set..price rm120 untuk semenanjung and rm127 untuk sabah/sarawak..satu set ada cleanser, toner,day solution and multiperfection cream( night cream)

trial set

yang ni pulak Big set rm190 only..yang ni sangat-sangat menjimatkan :) owh..tapi set besar ni tak termasuk night cream tau..night cream kena beli asing..sbb  ada saiz kecik je..harga rm32.90..

Alhamdulillah..permintaan Everlynn semakin meningkat naik..produk dah nak masuk 6 bulan dalam market..tapi demand dia..mak aiih...asyik terputus bekalan jer..so kali ni pihak Everlynn try to keluarkan set as much as possible to meet the demand..

Oleh kerana stok dengan na pun dah habis..jadi na bukak untuk pre-order..dalam seminggu dua boleh dapat barang..inshaAllah..50% from the total must be paid untuk pre-order ni k..

Kalau yang tak berapa yakin nak beli Everlynn set ni..jom tgk testimoni-testimoni pengguna Everlynn..

haaaa....puas hati semua??hehe..jom try!! make your pre-order now!! boleh email to nadenook@hotmail.com or sms je terus na 016 219 3825

ooooppps! chup! kalau nak tengok na punye review on this produck boleh click!click! kat sini

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