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Friday, May 10, 2013

Marine Essence : Body wash and shampoo


Alhamdulillah finally marine essence body wash dah keluar!! yeay!! before this orang asyik tanya je kan..dalam bentuk liquid tak de ke?? haa..ni dia..sampai suda..hehe

bukan dalam bentuk liquid je..tapi dia keluarkan jugak shampoo..weee!! best kan? hehe

So since barang masih hot kita buat promotion ya..buy 3 bottles at rm99  rm90 only * exclude postage

save rm9!!

Promotion till end of this month 31 May 2013.

korang boleh la pilih nak
a) 2 body wash 1 shampoo
b) 2 shampoo 1 body wash
c) 3 body wash
d) 3 shampoo

hehe..macam jawab exam lak kan..

apa2..roger je na k..

email: nadeelluna.com
sms/whatsapp: 016- 219 3825

p/s: agent needed ..feel free to ask more and more and more..on how to generate income with marine essence :) 

eh! chup! mood nak mengolah ayat sendiri untuk details marine essence body wash and shampoo ni tak sampai lagi..hehe..so korang baca je lah iklan di bawah ini..hihi

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